Explanation of Website's Functionality: 
The website on cleanliness in cities around the world is an online platform designed to raise awareness and provide information to visitors about the importance of maintaining clean, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly cities. To achieve this goal, the website operates as follows:
  1. Information and Articles: The site offers a variety of articles and resources related to city cleanliness, sustainable practices, waste management, recycling, environmental initiatives, and other topics concerning urban environmental preservation. Visitors can read these articles to gain relevant insights and tips on how to contribute to the cleanliness of their city.  
  2. Awareness Campaigns: The site is committed to promoting awareness campaigns about cleanliness in cities worldwide. These campaigns may include educational initiatives, community cleanup events, informative videos, and social media posts to encourage positive behavioral changes concerning urban cleanliness. 
  3. Contact Form: The website provides visitors with the option to get in touch with the company or individual responsible for the site through a contact form. Visitors can use this form to ask questions, share ideas, report local environmental issues, or pledge to participate in cleanliness initiatives. 
  4. Reason for Creating the Site: 
  5. The reason you created this website on cleanliness in cities around the world is to make a positive contribution to urban environmental preservation. You have observed that city cleanliness is a crucial issue for public health, the well-being of residents, and the protection of nature. By creating this website, you aimed to share information, resources, and tangible initiatives to encourage visitors to adopt more responsible and sustainable practices in their cities. 
  6. Your objective is to raise awareness among a wide audience about the impact of pollution and waste in urban areas while fostering collective consciousness about the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for future generations. You hope that this site will inspire visitor engagement and positive action to contribute to the cleanliness and sustainability of cities worldwide. 
  7. In summary, the website on cleanliness in cities around the world operates as an information and action platform to promote environmentally responsible practices in urban areas and encourage visitors to engage in cleanliness and sustainability initiatives in their own cities.